Welcome to the Party Hats website. The first question people who don’t know us always ask is, “What is Party Hats?”

Party Hats is a creative event company that offers a unique, hands-on activity for guests. We come to your party, convention, festival, family reunion, business---we can tailor our activity for any event, any size and any budget---and we set up a Party Hats’ Creation Zone. It can be small or large, depending on the number of your guests and the space you have. The Creation Zone is an eye-catching display of pre-made hats along with tables spread with creative materials for decorating the hats.

Party Hats’ hats are specially designed and created in our own factory by our artists, and come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, easily fitted to different-sized heads. This gives us the ability to create hats and accessories for any party, any guest, and any theme. We listen carefully to you before we plan your Party Hats event to make sure we understand your vision and we design the hats to match that vision.

During the event, your guests first select their hats, and then they move over to the decorating tables where glue guns, scissors and other materials are at hand. We always bring plenty of decorations in a wide assortment that guests can choose from. The decorations may be linked to the theme of your event. We can use items with corporate logos or match the decorations and hat colors to your corporate event, convention or festival theme. Guests have a great time creating their personalized Party Hat, and our staff is on hand to help them with ideas and assist with the artful arrangement of their decorations.

The fun continues after the Party Hats are created. As your guests walk around wearing their hats, it’s easy to strike up conversations with strangers as they admire and comment on one another’s creations. Sometimes, spontaneous Party Hat parades occur in the ballrooms or convention centers, as everyone cheers the wearable works of art. Men, women, young and old all enjoy making and wearing their Party Hats. And after the party is over, they take their Party Hats home as a memento of your event.

As if that weren’t enough, we also offer a range of other accessories to decorate and accent your theme. We can include flip-flops, men’s ties, ladies’ gloves and more (check out our catalog for ideas). They all go beautifully with the hats!

Explore our website to learn more about what Party Hats can do to make your event a memorable success or go to “Order” for a customized proposal. We would be pleased to discuss and share ideas about your upcoming event.
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