Party Hats is a creative event company that offers a unique, hands-on activity for guests. We come to your party, convention, festival, family reunion, business—we can tailor our activity for any event, any size and any budget—and we set up a Party Hats’ Creation Zone. It can be small or large, depending on the number of your guests and the space you have. The Creation Zone is an eye-catching display of pre-made hats along with tables spread with creative materials for decorating the hats.

New! Throw a Virtual Party Hats Party (Click Here)

Imagine “Party Hats in A Box” being delivered to all the households on your guest list. Your friends and family open a box of hats and decorations and decorate to their heart’s content. Then join us on Zoom and share the fun with the people that you love.
What a great way to bring the Party to your friends and family while respecting social distancing. You can share, celebrate and laugh while creating beautiful memories.