“I wanted to take a quick moment to let you how massive of a success your hats were.  You truly tied our Disney Magic into your amazing creations that were full of surprise and delight for our guests last night.  We got chills as we could see the guest on their scavenger hunt to find the hat that was designed just for them.  Audrey was astounded at the overwhelmingly number of the hats that actually coordinated with what they had chosen to wear to the event – first of all hers.  That’s some pretty special mojo that you have going on!”

-Paul Bedford, Disney Event Group

“…You are a hit to any party…Even with large amounts of people coming at you all at once, you just charge ahead and make the best of any situation…The Party Hats were the main attraction, and you just kept smiling through the entire evening with every hat out doing the next, your creativity is amazing. Your willingness to adapt to all events is just great! …”

-Pam Dzierzanowski, Vice President Event Marketing for Patron

“I just wanted to tell you that I had a wonderful time, and you and your company really made it a night to remember. Sometimes these receptions can be a little dry, but you certainly added some spice to the night. I think the party hats are a wonderful idea…I just love the creative energy you have…”

-Craig Martin, American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists

“Our guests LOVED Party Hats and we would love to have you back at a future event!”

-Jamie Cabral, Special Events Production Coordinator for San Diego Symphony

 “All went well and the mask making was a huge hit! Thanks again for all you did!”

-Jani Lopez, Strategic Events Manager for Shell Oil

“Thank you so much for the incredible hats you provided for our New Year’s Eve Party! Our guests enjoyed wearing them that night and the next day at the Rose Bowl Parade.”

-Angela Petix, Meeting and Event Planner Trader Joe’s

“Fiona, you did it again! Each year you manage to outdo yourself. Our guests always look forward to your hats- we can’t imagine this event without you!”

-Jerri Bowden, Executive Assistant Booz Allen

“…We had no idea that our scientists and exhibitors would love the hands-on artistic experience that you provided…and your art center was swarming with people all night. Everyone was partying and dancing with the hats…especially the president of our organization and all the staff…The display that you made was outrageous. The environment that you created added so much visual appeal and complimented the professional décor that we ordered from our designer…”

-Jane Ulmer, The Institute for Genomic Research.

“…The response to the creative and beautiful hats was something that I have not witnessed in a long time. Our guests couldn’t get enough of the fun atmosphere you brought to the party…I have been to several derby parties during my lifetime, but never did I have the opportunity to leave with such a great gift…We owe you so much for the great press we received; the reporter from one of the local television stations was wearing a hat on air…”

-Chip Sawyer, Palomino Productions.

“…Hats, hats and more hats were displayed for our guests. So many unique designs and colors, every personality was represented. The accessories were plentiful and started the creative juices flowing. The most surprising for me was the participation from the men in the crowd. I think they spent more time on their chapeaus than the women…THANK YOU seems like two very small words for the great gift you gave me of not having to worry about the details. As a meeting planner, that’s a rare treat!”

-Cindi Williams, WHFA