July 18, 2017 in Blog, Holidays

Let Party Hats Be the Key to Your Holiday Success!

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It’s high summer, and around the country folks are hitting the beach, planning barbecues, and working on that perfect tan. But here at Party Hats Entertainment, we know that this is also the season when the planning starts for all those holiday events we look forward to. This year, let us help you make that Family Holiday Gathering, December Birthday Party, Office Celebration, New Year’s Eve Gala the best ever.



Maybe you are that one family member that everyone counts on to organize the get-together, or you’re the company event planner. No matter. We know you outdid yourself last year, but what are you going to do to top that this time around? The answer is simple: Have an amazing, entertaining and unique Party Hats themed event!

With over 20 years of experience entertaining groups just like yours with our Party Hats “make and wear” activities, we know what a great impact we have at special events, and we look forward to working with your group. The best part is that we can completely customize your hat party. Just choose any theme, any size group, anywhere and we can design a program that will get your guests excited to “jump in” and enjoy the decorating process, and then proudly wear their party hat throughout your event. It’s easy, fun and they get a great custom-made gift to take home.

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How about a Mad Hatter New Year’s Eve Celebration? Or maybe a holiday themed birthday party? Your family will go ga-ga over all the unique and creative ways they can decorate their hats! Your office party will be the hit of the year as colleagues vie for the title of “Most Original Hat”! Imagine how a themed Party Hats area could be the perfect ice breaker for the attendees at your corporate holiday event. Family, friends, co-workers or conventioneers, Party Hats is a fun, hands-on activity that they will long remember.December 1 2016 downloads 396


The best part is, we can do all the work for you! We bring it all… the amazing themed hats, decorations and a creative art staff that professionally sets up our interactive program. Then they work with your guests adding all of the finishing touches in an exciting way.

You say you’re just having a small family or office celebration, and you don’t need us to facilitate? No problem, just order one of our Party Hats in a Box kits, and we will send you everything you need, including instructions. And we can customize your box so it fits your celebration’s “personality” perfectly.

With Party Hats Entertainment, you never have to worry about the results. We are an award-winning company with more than 20 years of experience making events magical. Let us help you make your next event a Party Hats Event! Contact us today, and we can get this party started!

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